South Korea offered Japan many concessions. Japan needs to offer something in return for this deal to be a sustainable compromise and to gain support in the ROK.
Are politicians above the law? South Korea and the USA provide contrasting examples.
The UK is providing Ukraine with armor piercing conventional ammunition. Putin is making threats to start a nuclear war, and his propagandists are…
How South Korea’s Nuclearization Will Actually Strengthen U.S.-ROK Ties
North Korean nuclear threat management measures through South Korean indigenous nuclearization
Sejong Institute scholar Cheong Seong-Chang makes the case that the ROK’s nuclearization would be a net benefit to the U.S., Korea, and the world. Here…
South Korean foundation will compensate victims of Japanese forced labor. ROK Foreign Minister reaches out to Japan.
Over 7,000 Koreans were massacred by Japanese officers, and over 45,000 were arrested in the fight for a free Korea--still not entirely finished.
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